Elevate Your Brand

We Take Your Brand Seriously

We are a global firm with individuals who each have 20+ years of experience in the Consumer Electronics and Telco space and a long history of partnering with global big-box retailers and online stores. We have the local knowledge and connections to minimize time and money spent in each market. We have also cultivated a database of local Social Media influencers and have the creativity, connections and manpower to manage local campaigns. CETEL Group’s mission is to help brands expand globally by opening doors with retailers and online stores.

"I have an idea for a product & a brand. How do I build it?

CETEL Group has the experience and expertise to help you develop and grow a brand​. We have a long history of working directly with factories in China to develop products for the CE markets. We perform logo and packaging design for maximum impact in the marketplace.

" I have an existing brand but not enough channels"

CETEL Group is a complete solution provider. We help you improve your products and open doors at global retailers and online platforms. Our long-standing relationships with these retailers reduce the resources you spend to comply with each of their requirements.

"I have an existing brand & channels. I need resources to manage it"

CETEL Group has the know-how to help in all facets of the product life-cycle. Skilled in Product Development, Supply Chain management, Marketing promotions, Packaging design and End-of-life management. Let us help you achieve your goals.


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